Welcome to our community!

_8D_ tagtagtag posted Jul 5, 16
Welcome to our community!
Thanks for connecting to our website.

Factions Update

KairuTatsuya tag posted Aug 18, 17


A few things have been added in this recent update as well as a few changes.
1. CropHoppers (A special hopper that picks up a specific block) and sellsticks (Left click a chest and watch as it sells whats in it) were added.
2. Hoppers transport speed was increased.

SellStick is out but is still being set up at the moment, so cactus is the only item officially up to date with the prices.

The current crophoppers released are cactus, and sugarcane but there will be more in the future so don't worry.


There will be events from some of the staff members when they are on and these events can consist of whatever the staff member thinks of. Examples: PVP Tournament, Ice boat racing, skin contests, and more so make sure to stay active.

Staff Applicants:

There have been people coming on and asking if they can apply. The answer is yes you can and we have a section for that at the forums where you can apply. If we think you passed or if we want to make a compromise with you we will contact you but otherwise you should wait patiently as we go through it and talk it over.

August Update

_8D_ tagtagtag posted Aug 11, 17

We are planning on making the release dates secret.

Things we need to do:

  • Build our structures
  • Make Shops
  • Crates and Vote System
  • Kits
  • Donor Perks
  • Player Perks

Servers we are working on:

  • AcidIsland
    • Survival Economy [Open Beta]
    • Factions [Open Beta]
    • Skyblock [Open Beta]
    • Creative [Open Beta]
    • Survival Games [Open Beta]
    • Acade
    • Prison